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Our company offers a full range of services for creating, supporting and promoting websites that address the following objectives:

  • to deliver information to target groups,
  • attract new customers,
  • reduce costs within the organization,
  • inform the business partners of the company,
  • optimizing internal business processes,
  • and many other tasks related to your activity.

Development of WEB applications

We design and develop an effective WEB applications for a variety of standard and unique business challenges. The web application or web-based system, a client-server software, which acts as a client browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) as well as a server using a web server. Web application from the perspective of the average user is working as a web-site. In this web interface is integrated with the database, user-friendly means of input-output and control information.

The development of private sites

Private site - it's a great opportunity to express themselves, their business or their talents. Under the private (personal) web site may refer websites, business cards, websites, portfolios and personal blogs or personal websites.

Development of enterprise portals

Creating a corporate portal provides personalized access to your employees and partners the necessary information and software applications, which allows to solve various problems related to the company. Development of a corporate portal allows employees in accordance with the rights of access to use the automated control systems company, document management systems, enterprise data storage systems, groupware and management of business processes. Thanks to the creation of a corporate portal allows you to quickly solve common problems of the company, even if their implementation involves the work of several geographically distributed business units.

Creating online stores

Online store - is a multifunctional site that provides sales on the Internet, as well as to create a full line of offline store. Online store consists of the following sections: product catalog, product detail, shopping cart, checkout page, the page number of payment options. If you need to create an Internet store, we will make it the most user-friendly, understandable, manageable and effective.

Selling on the Internet - so to keep pace with the times. It's no secret that you can buy a plane ticket to the theater, cinema, museum or exhibition without leaving home. Order your favorite book, CD or DVD for home delivery. Buy any gift a loved one. If a person wants to comfort - give it to him. Give him the opportunity to order your products without leaving home.

The advantages of an online store

  • do not have to look for "plum" - Shop the internet all the "places" are the same
  • online store is open 24 hours a day / 365 days a year
  • do not include sales managers to work in the hall
  • You can present a product that is not in stock
  • online store is more oriented to the target audience
  • create an online store allows you to keep expanding the range of goods and services in one "room"

Connection of payment systems

We will provide a fast connection to your web-project (online store) any payment system of your choice or all payment systems at once, without adjusting a single contract payment.

Modernization of existing resources

If you already have other web site developers and it does not suit you - come to us, we will give you a good discount for the reconstruction of the site and bringing in the proper form. Also help eliminate the problems that led to a ban indexing of your site by search engines, resulting from inept attempts to "spin" site.

Development of additional modules

We offer the opportunity at any time after the development of additional modules to order for your site. Additional modules can help identify your site among the sites - the competition. Today the opportunities the Internet can reach an unprecedented level of contact with the owner of the site visitor, having gone far beyond the simple display of information.

Promotion, SEO Optimization

Website Promotion - the most important task that directly affects the profits. Today, we offer clients a full range of services in the area of promotion of sites: contextual advertising, banner advertising and search engine optimization.

Comprehensive services

Any project, no matter how well designed and functional, it is necessary to maintain and develop, and our company, realizing this, consider supporting our customer's sites a priority.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Creating a Web Site
  • Placement and setup on the hosting
  • Filling content
  • Audit of the site to optimize for search engines
  • Round the clock monitoring for accessibility
  • Regular backups of your site
  • Site audit of security against hackers
  • Recovering after a crash site

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